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Sales Was Good For Proton In June 2020

July 2, 2020, Subang Jaya – Proton Holdings Bhd, the oldest national carmaker in Malaysia, has sold 9,623 units of vehicles in June, and posted its second best sales month in 2020.

The units sold grew by 69.5 percent over May 2020 and 26.3 percent increased over the same period in 2019. The sales performance was mainly backed by three models, mainly the Proton Saga, Proton X70 and Proton Persona.

“Proton’s sales in the first full month of business since February have been encouraging. While we remain cautiously optimistic for the second half of 2020, the demand for Malaysian cars in general and Proton vehicles in particular points towards increased consumer confidence in our products.

“This interest has also been buoyed by the recently announced sales tax holiday which in our opinion, has stimulated demand,” said Proton Edar chief executive officer Roslan Abdullah in a statement.

Proton Saga, which just celebrated its 35th anniversary, drove Proton’s June sales by posting its sales best performance in 70 months, with 4,447 units sold. On the other hand, the Proton X70 recorded 1,909 units sold in June.

“The second half of the year will be a busy one and kicking things off will be our 35th anniversary celebration for the Proton Saga. We hope to use the occasion as a springboard for other activities this year as we continue our efforts to redefine Proton’s customer experience via a mix of 3S/4S outlets and innovative new products” Roslan said.

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