BMW’s Child Safety Seat Subsidy Programme Enters Its Second Phase With More Partners On Board

May 20, 2020, Kuala Lumpur – BMW Group Malaysia, the official distributor for BMW and MINI vehicles in Malaysia, along with Safe ‘n Sound and Childline Foundation has announced the second phase of the child safety seat subsidy programme for parents in the B40 income group.

The programme will be supported by Shopee as its exclusive E-Commerce partner alongside baby and children goods brands – Ku.Ku Duckbill and Otomo, educational toys and games distributor – Mideer, food storage sealing solutions provider – Ankou, and car performance parts and accessories provide – Kakimotor.

First introduced in December 2019 with Safe ‘n Sound and Childline Foundation, as part of BMW Safety 360° initiative, the subsidy programme offered 150 units of infant carrier car seats at a subsidised price of RM100 each. The initiative attracted more than 25,000 registration from parents in the B40 income group.

“Our aim with this initiative has always been to make the use of child safety car seats instinctively mandatory; a basic practice as parents to ensure that children are always safe in cars.

“We are very pleased that these brands have come in to help us to not only advocate the importance of child safety seats but also to make more child safety seats accessible to those in the B40 income group. We hope more partners will continue to join us in taking ownership of this shared responsibility as we move towards collectively affecting change,” said its head of corporate communications Sashi Ambi in a statement.

The second phase of the subsidy programme will focus on equipping the remaining registrants from the first phase with a range of child safety seats for newborns to children of up to 36 kg.

This includes the snskidz Ace infant carrier car seat (for newborn to 13kg), the snskidz Sport car seat (for newborn to 18kg) and the snskidz Proto (for 2 years old to 36kg). All snskidz child safety seats carry the ECE R44-04 certification.

Each of the snskidz child safety seats will be made available with the RM50 in subsidy amount, on top of a discounted price from Safe ‘n Sound that is exclusive for the recipients of the subsidy programme.

The snskidz Ace is priced at RM99, while the snskidz Sport and snskidz Proto are priced at RM169 and RM249, respectively. All prices are the subsidised priced.

Recipients of the subsidy programme will receive a unique Shopee voucher worth RM113 which can be applied upon checkout at this dedicated microsite: –

BMW Malaysia, Safe ‘n Sound and Childline Foundation are also initiating a public fundraiser on the aforementioned microsite, in hopes of accelerating the delivery of child safety seats amongst the first 25,000 registrants.

There is no minimum amount of contributions required from individuals. All the fund raised will be channeled to Childline Foundation to subsidise as many child safety seats as possible for the remaining registrants.

“The new partners coming in to help us with this programme could not arrive at a better time. We want to continue to urge individual, partners and companies who have the means to help subsidise these child safety seats to come together and take part in this movement to make child safety seats the first thing parents think about when they have their children in vehicles – whether by raising greater awareness on the topic through education, making child safety seats more accessible, or reaching out to us to be part of the subsidy programme.

“We do hope to further accelerate delivery with the help and support from all Malaysians nationwide. With the festive celebrations taking place over the weekend, BMW Group Malaysia would like to wish all Malaysians a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and to stay safe when visiting family,” Ambi said.

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