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100th Anniversary Special Edition Mazda Models

April 3, 2020, Japan – Mazda Motor Corporation has announced its 100th Anniversary Special Edition models to commemorate the special occasion.

The special edition models are cars inherited a white-and-burgundy two-tone colour coordination and feature the 100th Anniversary Special Logo, in reminiscence of the R360 Coupe – which in 2020 celebrates 60 years since its launch.

The 100th Anniversary Special Edition models reflect Mazda’s history of taking on challenges and act as a reminder of its car-making roots by adopting a similar motif in red and white. Inside, the floor carpet, floor mats and seats use the same rich burgundy that was introduced with the Mazda3.

In addition, the hubcaps features the same design as the 100th Anniversary Special anniversary logo, an expression of the company’s desire to celebrate its 100th anniversary together with customers.

Furthermore, the key fob, headrests and other parts are embellished with a special logo so that customers can always feel connected to Mazda, whether they are behind the wheel or away from the car.

The body is also adorned with a commemorative badge, creating a special look and feel. The special edition series is designed to express gratitude to the millions of people who have had dealings with Mazda over the years and a pledge that though it may aim for the stars, the company will never forget its roots in the car-making business.

“Toward the next 100 years, we will continue to strengthen co-creation and cooperation with all those who work with Mazda and always remain true to our unique trait of “co-creating with others” placing people at the center of our minds, constantly challenging ourselves to create unique products, technologies, and experiences that our customers love,” the company said in a statement.

Below are the equipment list that is available in the special edition models:-

  • Floor mats (with 100th Anniversary Special Logo Badge)
  • Headrests (embossed with 100th Anniversary Special Logo)
  • Floor carpet (burgundy)
  • Key fob (embossed with 100th Anniversary Special Logo & packaged in a special edition box)
  • Hubcaps (featuring 100th Anniversary Special Logo)
  • 100th Anniversary Special Logo Badge (on front fender)
  • Exterior color: Snow Flake White Pearl Mica

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