Isuzu ELF – Malaysia’s No.1 Light Duty Truck For 10 Consecutive Years

January 24, 2020,Kuala Lumpur – Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the official distributor for Isuzu vehicles in Malaysia, has managed to secure the top position in the the light duty truck’s segment for the 10th consecutive years.

Its ELF truck maintained its position as a firm favourite since 2009. Last year, the company has sold 4,795 units, mainly backed by the introduction of its latest AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) variants.

The variant offers the benefits of the automatic transmission but with the reliability and low running cost to manual transmission. It also provides better fuel savings.

“Isuzu Malaysia’s continuous success and growth is partly due to services rendered by the aftersales division, exceeding expectations in 2019 through its high vehicle intake numbers and spare part sales revenue. Moving forward in 2020, Isuzu Malaysia will strive to provide the best reliable products and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. The company is geared towards providing aftersales services through shorter lead-time and increasing vehicle intakes for service,” said its chief executive officer Koji Nakamura in a statement.

Nakamura also took the opportunity to share his gratitude to their business partners, commercial customers, staff and dealers for the achievement.
“For 2020, Isuzu Malaysia strives to maintain their position as the leading commercial vehicle company in the country, while envisioning a target of achieving sales of more than 5,000 units through a wider range of attractive models and features to suit the local business needs.

“Also in line with the government’s firm intention on the widespread use of B20 bio-diesel, Isuzu Malaysia’s full model range, including the commercial vehicles with Euro-2 and Euro-3 engine, is ready to meet such requirements once the implementation exercise begins,” Nakamura said.

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