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Nissan’s Drifting LEAF

December 13, 2019, Kuala Lumpur – Many people would associate electric vehicles (EVs) with clean technology, charging infrastructure, driving range and environmental friendliness.

It’s less-known that EVs, actually able to deliver an exciting driving experience. To demonstrate the strength of electric mobility, Nissan recently challenged a professional stunt driver to drift with the new Nissan LEAF.

Most drifting stunts or maneuver is usually performed by fuel-powered sports cars, but Nissan wanted to try something different. The new Nissan LEAF demonstrated with ease its ability to produce both maximum torque and force, while delivering virtually silent donuts and burnouts.

The world’s best-selling EV thereby debunked outdated perceptions that electric vehicles are nothing but large golf carts.

Throughout the test, the Nissan LEAF’s emissions remained at zero – a number symbolised by the vehicle’s donut tread marks. As such, exhilarating performance aside, this indoor drift experiment provides another reason for us to smile at the prospect of future electric mobility.

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