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Hino Safety Drivings Unites The Spirit To Hino Trucks

October 9, 2019, Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan – Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Hino vehicles in Malaysia, has organised the Hino Smart Driving Contest to promote its Hino Smart Driving Programme.

The two-day event was held on October 9 and 10, in Hino Total Support Customer Centre (HTSCC), Sendayan. The event has attracted 25 Hino truckers from 13 companies to take up the challenge to participate this friendly competition and build their skill, as well as compete spirit to each other in the same profession.

Hino Malaysia takes the initiatives to organise the Hino Smart Driving Contest is to test and upgrade the driving skills of truck drivers, especially those who are driving Hino trucks. The drivers were tested through several exciting challenges and programmes which includes theoretical and practical test.

The HTSCC is the first Hino Training Centre outside of Japan. With this facility, Hino truck drivers in Malaysia are now able to further enhance their professional skills especially in road handling, safety and fuel-efficient driving techniques.

According to Hino Malaysia managing director Atsushi Uchiyama, the Hino Smart Driving Contest initially aims to crown proud recognition not only for the drivers but to bring up the company image as well.

“This competition is a great opportunity for drivers to show their skills and be motivated to improve, to be able to emerge as the winner. This is a proud recognition not just for the drivers but a boost for the company image as well,” said Atsushi.

All participants were comprehensively evaluated in four main areas which are theory, practical driving skills, driver familiarisation which focused on daily vehicle inspection and fuel-efficient economy driving.

Under the theory section, participants will have to answer a range of multiple-choice questions on general safety and driving knowledge.
The driving skills section covered seven sessions on different practical tracks which includes s-junction, garage parking, crank course, parallel parking, turn-back course, uphill and downhill, as well as emergency brake on wet road condition.

For daily vehicle inspection, participants must complete one round of truck inspection that includes engine, brake, clutch, oil leakage, visibility, electrical equipment and tyres. Participants will also be tested on fuel-efficiency driving techniques and consumption whilst driving their vehicles.

“We aim to help boost the brains image and productivity of our customers besides making them feel proud of being a valued Hino customer and driver,” Atsushi said. 

The company highly values the importance of providing regular training and equipping a Hino vehicle owners with the latest product knowledge, safety, and eco-driving skill techniques.

Hino Malaysia plans to open the training centre for the use of government and public agencies to ensure their training projects for professional drivers are successful with the Human Resource Development.
The Hino Brand has built a solid reputation through outstanding products base on QDR which stands for Quality, Durability and Reliability. Hino sets a mission to develop a pro that perfect fit for each customer’s businesses with its core two values; ‘Maximise vehicle uptime’ and ‘Minimise Vehicle Lifetime Cost,”

Hino Malaysia is confident with its presence of more tha 40 years in the country will not really only increase the performance in Sales but also After-Sales service through various customer engagement programmes. Recently, the company launched its new warranty for Hino 300 Series, which now upgraded from three years and 100 000 km warranty to five years and 200 000 km warranty as one to enhance its after sales support.

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